Club Tech

Club Tech was created by Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Microsoft in 2000 to technologically enable Clubs worldwide, transforming Clubs from “swim & gym” to “point and click.” Partnering with long-time supporter the Best Buy Children’s Foundation and Microsoft, BGCA provides technology program access to the more than 4.6 million youth served through a network of some 4,000 Clubs. By leveling the “virtual playing field,” kids of all ages and circumstances now have access to the same resources and skills to help them discover their world; expand creativity; perform better in school, and eventually take their technology know-how into the workplace.

Club Tech helps BGCA integrate technology into every aspect of the organization's fabric – from the Clubs' overall management to the Core Program Areas. The Club Tech family of programs and resources consist of:


Every component will be made available to all Clubs, giving youth of all ages and circumstances access to technology and equipping them with the resources and skills to perform better in school and, eventually, the workplace.


Education & Career Development