Check & Connect Mentoring

Check & Connect was developed in Minnesota by a group of researchers. After finding much success through use of the program, the developers of Check & Connect spread the word. We are now implementing Check & Connect with middle school youth in the 6th through 8th grades. After being brought into the program, each youth is matched with a mentor that works with him or her one on one to keep him or her on track to an on time graduation. During mentoring, each youth has the opportunity to work on his or her homework with help and supervision, talk about any outside factors at school or home that could be influencing his or her performance, and feel like a part of something larger. The program currently has three mentors and two teachers that work on a part time basis and meet with the youth as needed for extra academic support and more intensive recreation of the lesson. The staff works in partnership with the school system to track attendance, tardiness, behavior, and grades to ensure that we view the full picture when reaching out to the youth. We are currently able to serve 50 youth and hope that in the future, we will be able to serve more.